June 2020

Fixed Income: Video update

Gene Tannuzzo

Deputy Head of Fixed Income

Deputy Head of Fixed Income, Gene Tannuzzo, on how Columbia Threadneedle is analysing the impact of Covid-19 on Fixed Income markets, and finding opportunity in this environment

June 2020

UK equities: Operation Dynamo to the rescue?

Richard Colwell

Head of UK Equities

Investors have been rocked by extreme market moves since the beginning of the pandemic and we are operating in a world of extremes. But what does the future hold for UK equities?

June 2020

Good as gold.


In Credit - Weekly Snapshot

Our fixed income team provide their weekly snapshot of market events.

June 2020

Confronting Covid-19, short-lived value rallies and unprecedented stimulus

Columbia Threadneedle Investments


Episode 9 - Eye of the Needle podcast

In the latest lockdown episode from the Eye of the Needle team, we talk to Francis Ellison, Client Portfolio Manager European equities, and Daisuke Nomoto, Portfolio Manager Japanese equities. Francis talks about the types of business that have done well in Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic, and what investment style might remain in fashion for some time yet; while Daisuke talks Japanese stimulus and the outlook for corporate Japan.

19 June 2020

Market updates

Investment Team Updates


Investment updates from the Fixed Income, US equities, European equities, Japanese equities and Multi-asset teams

12 June 2020

An equities ‘barbell’ strategy amid continued uncertainty

Natasha Ebtehadj and Felicity Long

Portfolio Manager and Client Portfolio Manager

We try to avoid the temptation to say, “we live in unprecedented times”. After all, remarkable things happen all the time and it is our successful navigation of them that will add value for our clients. But there is no doubt we are currently living through one of the most significant events in recent economic history – what may become termed the “Great Covid Recession”.

June 2020

Covid-19, markets and monetary policy

Columbia Threadneedle Investments


Episode 8 - Eye of the Needle podcast

In this lockdown episode from the Eye of the Needle team, we talk to Toby Nangle, Global Head of Asset Allocation, and Nadia Grant, Head of US Equities. They dive into the impacts on markets brought about by the global Covid-19 pandemic, what it’s like managing money in such an environment, and how they see the future for Multi-asset and US equities.

9 June 2020

Stock markets: Looking ahead

Columbia Threadneedle Investments


What bear markets and bull rebounds can teach us about how the stock market works, and how we may navigate current and future market contractions.

June 2020

Responsible Investment Quarterly - Q1 2020

Columbia Threadneedle Investments


View the Q1 2020 edition of the Responsible Investment team's Quarterly Report

In this issue we explore the following:

  • Foreword, by Iain Richards
  • Portfolio Manager Viewpoint, by Benjamin Kelly and Simon Bond
  • Country Head Focus – Nordics, by Ulrik Oxfeldt
  • Covid-19 and the climate: whither carbon pricing? by Olivia Watson
  • Dealing with our plastics waste, by Pauline Grange
  • Stewardship in action

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